Revealing skin's firmness and nourishing deep skin laye
Rich containment of CAVIAR EXTRACT with various beauty ingredients makes the performance of "Yumei Caviar Ultra Firming Complex" excellent especially in firming effect. In addition, it includes Collagen which prevents fine wrinkles and increases skin elasticity; Natural Betain and Sodium Hyaluronate moisturize skin and keep it soft and supple; Together with Aloe Vera Extract, it balances the level between oil and moisture to soothe skin. It also helps healing and revitalizing the skin which is broken outs, dry, dull and uneven tones. It contains a high nutritional value that can renew and perfect your skin. You will observe the difference and soon will love the look and feel of your new skin.

Usage■ The product can be used day and night, and its effect on the skin lasts for a long time. ■ After facial washing, take an appropriate amount and smooth over the face. If desired, apply extra amount of the product particularly on the area ready to be wrinkled and/or roughed.