Ganoderma Lucidum is a rare germ in the traditional Chinese medicinal treasure house and it has been enjoying special veneration in Asia for 3000 years. The presumed health benefits and the long history of medicinal use make it known as "Oriental Miracle Herb". Ganoderma lucidum spores are the seeds released and ejected from late development. The spores are small in size but each of them carries the entire active ingredients, protein, eighteen kinds of amino acids, polysaccharide peptide, adenosine, triterpenes, organic germanium and genetic materials of ganoderma lucidum. The activated fat substance of ganoderma lucidum spores contains various trace elements. These substances combine and synergize with other active ingredients of the spores so that, when applying together, it can enhance the absorption of other ingredients and achieve better results.

Since 1972, Japanese have successfully cultivated ganoderma lucidum with their technique. Lately in 2004, Yumei launched a series of products under the branch of “Ganoderma Lucidum”. They demonstrate effects on skin smoothening, wrinkles reduction, aging defiance, inflammation lessening, pigmentation lightening, and irritation alleviation.