Anti-puffing with tightening effect and brightening up the eye contour areas
The area around eyes such as upper eyelids easily gets dull and wrinkled.  Scientifically developed refined CAVIAR EXTRACT provides rich Adenosine that prevents wrinkles formation. Combined with Coenzyme Q10 magnifies the workforce of skin renewal that significantly nourished and smooted skin, especially tightened up the upper eyelids, hence, making your eye expressions become more energetic and younger. Ennacom EX267 is a refined ingredient extracted from natural plants through numerous procedures that contains special ingredients for skin.  Its multi-effects such as boosting antivirus, immunization, contraction, calming, moisturizing and purification give impressive skin care management for troublesome eye contour areas, one of the outstanding benefits is brightening and sharpening effect. Sodium Hyaluronate performs excellent moisturizing effect which supports eye contour areas' moisture and shine for a long time.

Usage■ The product can be used day and night, and it is recommended to use frequently.
■ After facial washing, take small amount and apply around the eye contour areas, then massage softly with fingertips.
Caution: For external and cosmetic use only. Keep out of children reach. Store in dry and cool place without sunlight.